Pre Existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Condition/s means, in relation to you or any other person on whom your travel depends, any medical or physical conditions or circumstances:

  1. which you are aware of, or ought to have been aware of; or
  2. for which advice, care, treatment, medication or medical attention has been sought, given or recommended; or
  3. which have been diagnosed as a medical condition, or an illness or indicative of an illness; or
  4. which are of such a nature to require, or which potentially may require medical attention; or
  5. which are of such a nature as would have caused a prudent, reasonable person to seek medical attention

Our Privacy Statement

This policy is issued/underwritten by nib nz limited (“nib”).

Uni-Care and nib are committed to safeguarding your Privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. Uni-Care and nib are bound by the Privacy Act 1993 and its principles. We collect and handle your personal information for the purpose of assessing your application for insurance and administering your insurance policy, including any claims made by you.

If you don’t provide all information requested then we may not be able to assess your application and provide you with the requested insurance.

The Privacy Act 1993 gives you the right to access and correct personal information held by us. Please contact us if you would like to access or revise your personal information or believe that the information we currently have on record is incorrect or incomplete.


The Privacy Officer
nib nz limited
Level 10, 48 Shortland Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
Email: privacyofficer@nib.com.au

The Privacy Officer
Uni-Care/ Crombie Lockwood Limited
Level 23, 191 Queen Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
Phone +64 9 358 2259

DECLARATION (Please read carefully)

  1. You have not been refused Travel Insurance by any other company nor are you insuring with the intention of receiving medical treatment or to claim for events which have already occurred.
  2. You are not aware of any circumstances likely to lead to cancellation or curtailment of the trip. The underwriter is aware of all facts likely to affect the acceptance or conditions of this insurance. You will notify the underwriter of changes in circumstances or health occurring prior to your commencement date.
  3. You confirm details have been correctly declared in this application form including the Medical Certificate incorporated in this document to be submitted for approval by the underwriter.
  4. You agree, in the event of illness or injury giving rise to claims under the medical section of the policy, to be medically evacuated to Australia, New Zealand or your Country of Origin, as applicable, at the underwriters discretion.
  5. You agree to a waiver of privacy in that you consent to any requested medical information being released by your doctor, specialist, or other health provider to the Underwriter or its agent and to the release of any further information necessary for the purposes of this insurance.
  6. You authorise any claim to be paid to any named institution which has submitted claim details and requested payment to be made to them on your behalf.
  7. You accept that failure to supply correct application and medical certificate details may affect the validity of the policy.
  8. You have certain rights of access to and correction of this information.
  9. You understand that this policy does not cover any event, which happens to you unless you, at the date of such event, are aged 65 years or under.
  10. You understand and agree that the act of transmitting this application to Uni-Care, by activating the ‘Submit Application’ button on the web application form, will have the legal force of a signature.
  11. You have read and understood and accepted the above statements and accept responsibility for all the information provided in this application.

NZ Student – an individual policy to cover students, under 60 years of age, to study, travel and temporarily reside in New Zealand. Includes cover in transit for a maximum period of 9 days each way from your country of origin.

NZ Visitor – an individual or family policy to cover travellers, under 65 years of age, who are visiting, working or temporarily residing in New Zealand. Includes cover in transit for a maximum period of 9 days each way from your country of origin.

Australasian – an individual or family policy to cover travellers, under 65 years of age, who are visiting, working or temporarily residing in Australia or New Zealand. Includes cover in transit for a maximum of 9 days to and from your country of origin.

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