Student Accommodation near TAFE Adelaide

TAFE is South Australia’s biggest vocational education and training institution that was established in 1971. It is also a registered higher education provider offering more than 100 courses and following pathways. The institution gives students the opportunity and flexibility to study the course of their choice. It houses more than 70,000 students in 8 centres across the state. The faculty is exceptionally experienced, providing a mix of theory with hands-on, practical learning utilizing industry-standard facilities and technology. This approach enables students to understand the complete course quite well and also prepare for the job. If you’re planning to study here, then you’ll be glad to know that over 90% of TAFE graduates go directly to the university of their chosen career upon completion of their qualification.

Student accommodation near TAFE – Adelaide

TAFE offers limited on-campus accommodation such as Regency International House which is located on the Regency campus. This student accommodation near TAFE – Adelaide offers a villa-style complex with private bedrooms, a shared sitting room, and a kitchenette. Although, there are other options available as well that you can explore if you want to live outside the campus, close to all the action. There are private rentals at homestays, shared accommodations known as Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

University Living, a global student housing platform offers safe and secure student accommodation to students going to study in Australia. These off-campus accommodations are well-placed which drastically cuts down on both commute time and expenses of the student. They offer state-of-the security features with secure fob entry to ensure a worry-free stay and have a memorable time at these student homes. The best part about staying at these student apartments is that they come with a wide range of amenities to make your life comfortable. These include a laundry room, computer area, study rooms, games room, and other social spaces.

Types of student rooms

These PBSAs offer a wide selection of student rooms – from affordable to expensive – depending on the area and the room type you choose to live in. If you prefer a more independent space with everything just for yourself then nothing can be better than a studio. It is a self-contained apartment in itself with all the amenities just for 1 occupant.

If you are coming with friends and want to share the space then an apartment with shared or en-suite rooms will be the best pick. There will be separate bedrooms and shower rooms but other areas like the living room and kitchen will be shared amongst all the flatmates. You don’t have to worry about ordering a takeaway everyday as the kitchen available in these properties are fully fitted with all the appliances so you can prepare your meals with ease. Most of the properties have utilities included in the rent which will help you save some money on your rent.

Student life in Adelaide

Adelaide is a very well-planned city that offers a great student life. It is described as a “big country town” similar to other Australian cities like Perth and Canberra. The city has wide streets which are lined with beautiful and huge trees. The city centre of Adelaide also known as Central Business District offers quick access to various facilities and vibrant nightlife. The city is quite safe and clean which is why it attracts thousands of students every year to study in its top universities. The city has a very thriving food scene with numerous restaurants, cafes, and the Central Market close to various accommodations. All these places ensure that you will always be able to find a cuisine that suits your tastes and budget.



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