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Does travel insurance cover coronavirus (covid-19)?

It depends! Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a straightforward one. There are some situations where cover is available, and others where it is an exclusion. It largely depends on which insurer you bought your policy with; when you bought it; where you’re travelling to; when you’re travelling; and, the reason for your claim. One thing that is for certain – you’re unlikely to be covered for claims relating to the coronavirus for future travel if you haven’t yet purchased a travel insurance policy as this is a known event.

Which is the best travel insurance in Australia?

The best travel insurance depends entirely on your planned trip and your circumstances. If you’re a backpacker on a strict budget, you might want a no-frills medical-only policy, while if you’ve paid a lot in deposits or if you have pre-existing health conditions, a more comprehensive policy might be best for you. While there’s no single best travel insurance that’s right for everyone, finding a policy that works for you is easy when you use our quote comparison to start comparing prices and features. With Compare Travel Insurance, you can also read up on travel insurance reviews from customers to learn about their customer service and importantly claims experience.

What does comprehensive travel insurance cover?

Comprehensive travel insurance includes coverage for unexpected medical expenses overseas in the event of injury or illness, as well as cover if your luggage is lost or stolen, cancellation and disruption benefits if you need to cancel or are delayed for unforeseen reasons, as well as public liability cover. Go to our comprehensive travel insurance guide to learn more.

What do medical-only policies cover?

Medical-only trip insurance a.k.a basic policies generally only offer coverage for unexpected medical expenses overseas. Some basic policies also include a small amount of coverage for luggage or cancellations. Our website allows you to filter quotes for basic, mid-range and comprehensive travel insurance policies and their features to help you find the policy which is right for you.

Is it too late to buy travel cover?

Although we recommend buying a policy as soon as you’ve started paying deposits for flights, accommodation and tours, you can buy travel insurance at any point, even if you are already overseas. Exclusions often apply though, so be sure to check the PDS before you buy.

Can I purchase travel insurance at the airport?

Yes, you can. Generally speaking, you can purchase travel insurance up to a year before your trip, right up to boarding at the airport. With comprehensive travel insurance, you are covered for cancellation benefits from the moment you buy your policy, so we recommend buying it as soon as you start paying for flights, tours and accommodation.

Can I get travel insurance if I’m already overseas?

You can buy cover if you are already overseas, although each travel insurer has different rules on age limits and waiting periods. Check out our already overseas travel insurance guide to learn more.

Does travel insurance cover pregnancy?

You can buy travel insurance to cover you when you’re pregnant, but every brand has different rules depending on how many weeks gestation you are, whether you’ve had complications, and whether you’re looking for cover in case of emergency birth. Check out the handy table on our pregnancy guide for more information.

Do I need cover in Australia?

If you’re an Australian resident, a domestic policy covers you for cancellations, luggage cover and often rental vehicle excess, but as you’re covered by Medicare, medical coverage is not included. International visitors to Australia are currently not required to have travel insurance by law, but it is highly recommended to protect you from eye-watering medical bills and more.

Which is the cheapest policy?

The cost of travel insurance depends on a range of factors including your destination, duration of travel, age of travellers, planned activities, whether or not you have any medical conditions and the type of cover you choose (medical only, mid-range or comprehensive). The cheapest travel insurance is generally to less risky parts of the world – places with cheaper healthcare and less risk of injury, illness or theft – and policies which offer less coverage – so ones without benefits for adventure activities or pre-existing conditions. To get cheap travel insurance from Australia for your trip, create a quote and compare prices, but remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best. You should consider your trip and what you require cover for.

Why should I buy travel insurance direct online?

Comparing prices and features online makes it easier to find the policy that’s right for you and your circumstances. With comparetravelinsurance.com.au, the price you see is the same price direct from the insurer. Sometimes you’re not after the best policy but rather the best bang for your buck and comparing prices and features online can save you time, worry and loads of money.



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