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2 Make claims on most services anytime, anywhere You can view your online claims history at a glance and more • View Cover Summary • Renew Cover • Re-issue Certificate • View Online Transactions Medibank and ahm OSHC Mobile App Key Features Thanks to smartphones, managing students health cover has never been easier. Health advice 24/7 Get direct access to our 24/7 Health and Support Line, which offers medical assistance from a registered nurse, mental health support, counselling and interpreter services. Find a provider who bills us directly • Find doctors who bill us directly so there’s no need for you to submit a claim • GPS Tracking enabled • Find a Store near you • Make a GP or Store your favourite Call our Customer Service & 24/7 Health & Support Digital membership card Turn your smartphone into your membership card. Your digital card holds all the details of your cover. All About You • Translation function for simplified Chinese • View and update Contact details • Add and change Bank Account details • View other Member Benefits • Access Your Membership Guide

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Purchase Cover Start Studies Download App Registers and Signs In Updates Contact & Bank Details Needs an ambulance calls 000 Finds a Free + Active Event Calls to buy Extras Gets Sick Translates App into Chinese Renews Cover Review Cover Arrives in Australia Call 24/7 Student Health & Support Finds Nearest OSHC Direct Biller Makes a Claim Re-issues Certificate Call Direct Line Link to read more information OSHC App Student Journey_

Image of page 3 Downloading Mobile Device Version Requires iOS 11 and later or Android 7.0 and later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. No Internet Connection Check you are connected to the internet and if not go to your device ‘Settings’ to turn on your data or connect to Wifi Finding the Apps in Google Play or App Store Search for the full name of the App: • Medibank OSHC • ahm OSHC or scan the QR Code to find the app easily Registering 1. Enter a Membership Number or Student ID (only one) 2. Enter first name and surname 3. Enter Date of Birth and Gender Image of page 4 Image of page 5 // Placeholder $(‘input, textarea’).placeholder();


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