Health insurance for Australia: the OSHC for students

What is oshc health insurance?

To get your student visa You need to have Australian government approved health insurance for international students. OSHC health insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover) is offered by a limited number of companies that offer insurance that meets the minimum requirements approved by the Australian government, in order to have the same benefits as an Australian who has access to public health without any type of complementary private insurance.

How long should I hire him?

Health insurance OSHC must cover the full duration of your student visa.

Is it complementary to other insurance?

It tienes special needs or you need to regularly assist professionals such as dentists, physiotherapists and ophthalmologists, it is advisable to take out additional travel insurance since this type of OSHC medical insurance does not cover these specialists. It will always be necessary to contract the OSHC medical insurance as it is an essential requirement for obtaining the student visa.

Helpful OSHC Health Insurance Terminology:

a) Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS):

Is a public list provided by the Australian government with all medical services covered by Australian social security. It includes each of its corresponding public prices. This term is very important when examining what your OSHC health insurance policy covers. It will be common to read the phrase 100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

This means that your OSHC health insurance will cover the 100% of the covered for the service you need in clinic / hospital of the price established by Medicare for this service. If for example the price of the clinic to see a doctor is 50 dollars but the public price of Medicare is 40 dollars you will have to pay the difference between 50 and 40 dollars (10 dollars).

In the following link there search engine to find each service in question and check the public price that Medicare establishes for that service.

It is important to click on the search criteria “search all notes and items” It will filter the search by the name of the service and not just by the item number.

seguro medico oshcmedical insurance oshc

Thus, they will exist two possible cases when doing this search:

1. That Medicare covers the 100% (benefit) of the service.

seguro medico oshcmedical insurance oshc

2. That Medicare covers a percentage close to 100% from service.

seguro medico oshcmedical insurance oshc

In both cases the reference public price figure will be Benefit covered by Medicare. Normally, public hospitals will offer the public price established in this list, while private hospitals may have a slightly higher charge than that established in this list.

B) General Practitioner (GP):

This is the term used to designate a GP or general medicine. He is the first professional you should go to before any specialist sees you. You will need the authorization of the General Practitioner to be able to go to the specialists and thus be able to claim what has been paid to the specialist.

C) Phamaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS):

Is the list of medicines covered by the Australian government. The medicines covered by the Australian government will be the same as those covered by your OSHC health insurance. Once you are prescribed a medication you can search it in this search engine and check if it is covered by the government.
This list can be found in the following link.

D) Waiting period and pre-existing condition:

The term”waiting period“Or waiting times are used in the OSHC medical insurance policy to determine that during 12 months since your visa was granted or you arrived in Australia, (taking as reference the latest date) You will not be covered for medical consultation costs that are due to a “pre existing condition” or pre-existing condition.

This pre-existing condition must have manifested in the patient a minimum of 6 months before the date of granting the visa to be considered “pre existing condition” For example: if a person was granted the 10 2017 visa and was diagnosed with 3 2017 in January, the OSHC health insurance will not cover the medical care or medication needed in Australia. This will be determined by the doctor treating the patient. This also applies to pregnant women for gynecological consultations if they conceived within a minimum of 6 previous months the granting of the visa or arrival in Australia, taking as reference the latest date.

At Dingoos, we mainly work with two insurers: Nib y Allianz. If you want more information about the advantages of each of them click on their names. Of course, if after informing you you still do not know what health insurance OSHC you want to hire to get your student visa, do not hesitate contact with our team. We will advise you without any commitment.



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