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What is my OSHC Provider Doing in Response to COVID-19?

If you’re currently an international student in Australia, you’re probably wondering how your OSHC provider is covering you during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have questions regarding your cover, the best thing to do is contact your provider directly.

Private health insurance may cover hospital treatment or some out of hospital allied health treatments. In the case of hospital treatment, doctors and hospitals determine who receives treatment, the treatment they receive, and the timing of the treatment. It is not determined by the government or insurers. The private health insurance status of a patient who is affected by coronavirus will not determine their treatment.

OSHC providers have confirmed that students are covered for COVID-19 related illnesses, principally “Lung and chest”, “Kidney and bladder” and “Dialysis for chronic kidney failure” clinical categories. Where the treatment is for a pre-existing condition, waiting periods will apply but, will not apply in the case of “emergency treatment”.

Here is an outline of the information Australia’s OSHC providers have released in regards to COVID-19.

ahm OSHC

Refer to the ahm OSHC website for its latest COVID-19 response. Students under this provider are encouraged to contact ahm directly for information.


  • Call from within Australia – 134 148
  • Call from outside of Australia – +61 3 9862 1095
  • Email – oshc@ahm.com.au

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance has issued an extensive COVID-19 information sheet for international students who have Allianz Global Assistance cover – it is available here. This includes detailed information on what to do if you need to change the dates of your OSHC.

Does Allianz Global Assistance provide cover for COVID-19?

Cover is available to AGA OSHC policyholders for medical services provided in hospital and out of hospital, including PBS prescription medicines and emergency treatment*. *Limits, exclusions and terms and conditions apply. Please note that waiting periods may apply for treatment for pre-existing conditions. Students can contact us to discuss their individual case or read the OSHC policy wording for further details.

(Source: Allianz Global Assistance)


  • General enquiries within Australia – 13 67 42
  • Claims – 1800 651 349
  • Email – oshc@allianz-assistance.com.au
  • Phone (from overseas) – +61 7 3305 8841

BUPA Australia

BUPA Australia has released some information regarding its cover and answers a few general COVID-19 FAQs here. For more information, international students are advised to contact BUPA Australia directly.

Does BUPA Australia provide cover for COVID-19?

For our health insurance customers if you‘re admitted to hospital as a private patient due to COVID-19, treatment is likely to fall under the Lung and Chest category, which is included on our Gold, Silver Plus and Bronze Plus hospital products, and on our Overseas Visitor and Overseas Student covers. Our Overseas Visitors and Overseas Student products also include benefits for GP visits.

(Source: BUPA Australia)


  • General Enquiries – 13 41 35
  • Overseas student enquiries (within Australia) – 1800 888 942
  • Overseas student enquiries (outside Australia) – +61 3 9937 4223
  • 24-hour International Student Advice Line in over 180 languages – 1300 884 235

CBHS International Health

CBHS International Health has a dedicated webpage with important information for international students who have taken out CBHS International Health OSHC – it can be viewed here. This includes detailed information on what to do if you need to change the dates of your OSHC and whether you will incur out-of-pocket expenses if you need to be tested for COVID-19.

Does CBHS International Health provide cover for COVID-19?

If you think you have symptoms for COVID-19 a doctor will determine if you should be tested. If it is confirmed that you have COVID-19 it is important that you follow the doctor’s advice. If the doctor recommends hospitalisation you will be covered for the admission and treatment as per your policy.

(Source: CBHS International Health)


  • Overseas Student Health Cover enquiries (within Australia) – 1300 174 538
  • Overseas Student Health Cover enquiries (outside Australia) – +61 2 8604 3537
  • Email – oshc@cbhscorp.com.au

Medibank Private

Medibank Private provides details on its website regarding COVID-19 and the virus’s direct relation to OSHC. Students under this provider are encouraged to contact Medibank Private directly for information.


  • Student Health and Support Line – 1800 887 283
  • General enquiries (within Australia) – 134 148
  • General enquiries (outside Australia) – +613 9862 1095
  • Email – oshc@medibank.com.au

nib OSHC

nib has a dedicated webpage with important information for international students who have taken out nib OSHC – it can be viewed here. This includes detailed information on how to cancel your cover if you are unable to enter Australia and whether you will be covered if you have to go to hospital.



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